Laser Dentistry at a Dentist Near Me in North Vancouver

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a less invasive way to perform a variety of dental procedures the you 'dentist near me' can offer. It uses high-energy light in a precisely targeted fashion to do all sorts of things:

  • cut or vaporize tissue without the pain
  • remove bacteria and excess tissue from the gums
  • whiten teeth faster by activating the bleach applied to the tooth
  • remove tooth decay and prepare the surrounding enamel for a filling
  • remove a tiny piece of tissue for a biopsy (such as to examine for cancer)

These are just some of the ways we harness laser technology to benefit you and your teeth.

Questions & Answers From Your 'Dentist Near Me'

Is laser dentistry safe?

Yes. One of the big benefits of laser technology over traditional drills and scalpels is that it is virtually pain free. This means we don’t have to give you anesthesia, thereby reducing the risk of complications. The pinpoint accuracy of laser technology also reduces the risk of errors. The additional benefit is that it causes patients much less stress, knowing that the process will be less painful than traditional drilling or cutting.

Do you do all dentistry with laser?

No, not all dentistry can be done with laser. Teeth cleaning is done the traditional way. And lasers won’t work on teeth that already have fillings or where cavities are between teeth, for instance. Our dentist will discuss procedures with you so that you understand what they are doing and the options that are available.

How accurate is a laser?

Lasers are much more accurate than manual procedures. For instance, when manually preparing a cavity for filling, parts of the healthy tooth often have to be removed. With a laser, only deteriorating tooth material needs to be removed.

Is there an age range for laser dentistry?

You are never too old or too young for laser dentistry. As a family-friendly clinic who welcomes the children of North Vancouver, we are pleased to user laser technology whenever it is the most suitable option. Remember how painful it was to go to the dentist when you were a kid? Your kids will never have those memories.

Are your dentists trained to operate lasers?

All our dentists have been trained to operate dental laser machines for optimum effectiveness and to the highest safety standards possible.

Laser Dentistry Insurance at a 'Dentist Near Me'

The provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers only medically necessary procedures. It does not cover routine general dentistry, nor most restorative dentistry.

That’s why many people in British Columbia have some form of dental insurance.

Laser dentistry is covered by MSP when it is considered “medically necessary”.  Private insurance covers most other laser procedures, but please check with your dental plan to make sure. Remember that it is the procedure, not the method, that is covered.

What if you don’t have insurance coverage for the procedure you need? We are happy to work with you to develop a payment plan that helps you get the treatment you need sooner rather than later.

And remember, the best way to keep dental costs down is to take good care of your teeth at home and visit our clinic for regular preventative cleanings. You don’t need a laser at home to keep your teeth clean between visits.

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